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The women’s wing of the Hindu Mahasabha performed Lath Pooja.

Farrukhabad: With the advent of Valentine’s Day, Hindu organizations have become active in UP’s Farrukhabad district. The Hindu Mahasabha has threatened to forcibly marry couples in temples if they are found in restaurants and hotels on Valentine’s Day. The Hindu Mahasabha has made this announcement in protest against Valentine’s Day.

What’s the whole deal?

Hindu Mahasabha State Youth President Vimlesh Mishra said that if a couple is found in restaurants and hotels, they will be forced to marry in a temple. Panditji will stay with us during this time. The Hindu Mahasabha’s campaign against Valentine’s Day will run on February 14 from 10 am to 4 pm.

He said that many hotels, restaurants and OYOs have come up in the district. Such restaurants and hotel owners lure innocent minor girls and commit crimes. The Hindu Mahasabha will take every major step to preserve Sanatan culture.

The women’s wing of the Hindu Mahasabha is also ready for action.

The women’s wing of the Hindu Mahasabha has also performed ‘Latha Pooja’ in protest against Valentine’s Day. Pushpa Thakur, city president of Hindu Mahasabha’s women’s wing, said that the team of Hindu Mahasabha will search for love couples in hotels, restaurants and fairs in Sri Ramnagaria including Gurgaon Devi, Pandeswarnath Temple, Sheetal Mata Temple in Barapur.

He said that when the loving couple reaches adulthood, they will be married in the temple and during this time the priest will also accompany them. Minors will be handed over at check posts. The Mahila Nagar president has also warned the lovers that they will be beaten up if they spread obscenity. (Input: Jitendra)

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