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There are many types of trees in this world. You see most of the branches of trees spread out. But there are only a few trees that are straight and have no trunk or branches, such as the coconut tree. However, no trees should be cut down. But if such a situation arises, the most difficult task is to cut down the coconut tree. This is because it is long and straight. But after watching the method of the person in the viral video, you will find it easy. Let us tell you what is seen in the video.

See Chopping the Tree

In a video that has gone viral on social media, you can see a man climbing a coconut tree and cutting it. He has completely preserved himself. You will see a cutter in his hand. The man then starts cutting it. The boy first cuts into the tree like a triangle. He then cuts it a little on the other side and the tree falls in the opposite direction. Due to this man’s technique, his video is going viral.

Watch the viral video here

What did Swiggy write in the comments?

This video was shared on Instagram by the page named 144p_cutz. More than 38 lakh 87 thousand people have watched this video till the time of writing. After watching the video, Swiggy Instamart commented and wrote – ‘It’s smooth as butter.’ Another user wrote – experience required. A third user wrote – Experience is the greatest teacher. One user wrote – Salute to this man, look at his confidence. Another user wrote that bhai doesn’t follow physics but physics follows bhai.

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