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Cure for Weak Shani - India TV Hindi

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Treatment of weak Shani

Treatment of debilitated Saturn: Saturn’s weakness can bring ups and downs in your life. This can make your world complex and stressful. Not only that, you can get sick due to body, mind and money. Apart from this, your mental state may also deteriorate due to excessive stress. Not only this but your family members will also get angry with you and you will not get on well with your friends and relatives. In such a situation you should recognize the signs of debilitated Saturn in time and then adopt these measures.

Signs of Saturn Debilitation – Shani Debilitation Lections

Due to the weakness of Saturn in the horoscope, the wealth and property of a person starts to get destroyed and his glory starts to disappear.

– There is always a state of debate and discussion. There is some defamation or false accusation.
One may indulge in alcohol, gambling and other bad habits.
– Difficulties in work, burden of debt, sale of house or loss of any part of it are signs of debilitation of Saturn.
Not only this, hair falls, eyes get damaged and ears ache.
– Apart from this, diseases such as physical weakness, stomach pain, TB, cancer, skin diseases, fractures, paralysis, colds, asthma etc. persist.

A treat of the week

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A treat of the week

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Remedy for debilitated Saturn – Shanivar Ape

If Saturn is weak, first worship Lord Hanuman and mix it with jasmine oil and apply it from feet to head on Saturday.
-You should fast on Saturdays and donate black blankets or grains.
-Bring discipline and hard work in life to correct Saturn.
-Shandeva is worshiped by Lord Shiva. To pacify Shani Dosha, worship Lord Shiva on Saturday.
Help the poor and treat them well. This will strengthen your Saturn.

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Also, take a bath with sesame oil mixed in the bath water on Saturday. These will help in strengthening your weak Saturn. So take these measures on Saturday.

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