Played in the name of Tomato! Onions being sent abroad despite ban, customs seize – India TV Hindi

Tomato and Onion- India TV Hindi.

Image source: India TV
Despite the ban, onions are being sent abroad.

Nagpur: The big game played to cheat the government in the name of tomato was exposed. The customs department recovered a huge quantity of onions. This onion is being exported under the name of tomato and it is being sent to foreign countries without discrimination, where there is a ban on the export of onions by the central government.

What’s the whole deal?

Nagpur Customs Department officials were surprised when they found that onions were being sent abroad in the name of tomatoes. This is the first time that the customs officials have seen onion being sent abroad in the name of tomato. This came to light after officials of the Nagpur Customs Department conducted raids in Nashik, Maharashtra and Mumbai and unearthed the case.

Let me tell you that the central government has banned the export of onions. In such a situation, traders are trying to throw dust in the eyes of the government and have adopted a new method of black marketing of onions. According to the information received, about 82.93 tonnes of goods were being wrongly exported. Customs officials had received tip-off that some people were illegally exporting onions from Nashik and Mumbai on a large scale.

After that, the team from Nagpur reached Nashik, the traders had packed the onion in tomato packs and it was being sent to UAE. The container was kept in Mumbai. When the four containers were examined in detail, it was found that tomatoes were placed in the first four to five feet of space in the container. The boxes placed after that were of onions. All the boxes were of 20 kg size. Customs officials have seized the goods and started further investigation.

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