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Delhi: Miscreants on a motorcycle opened fire indiscriminately.

New Delhi: Delhi is the capital of the country and the police claim that it has the tightest security system. But the miscreants and criminals of Delhi continue to reject this claim of the police. There has been a sudden increase in shooting incidents in the capital in the last few days. The miscreants come and fire and run away. Many people have lost their lives in such incidents.

The incident took place in Delhi’s Yamuna Vihar.

Now a similar case of firing has come to light from Delhi’s Yamuna Vihar. Here comes two miscreants on a two-wheeler. They wait a few seconds and then start firing rapidly. Although no one was shot in this incident, there is panic in the area. Now a video of it has also come out.

In the video, it can be seen that two miscreants come in a two-wheeler. He stood silent for some time. After that, suddenly the person sitting behind starts shooting with both hands. He rains bullets all around. After that, seeing other motorcyclists coming in the street, they get scared and start running away from there. In the video, it can be seen that at the end he calls a motorcyclist forward and asks him to pick up the fallen object. The biker picks up the fallen object and gives it to him and runs away.

Recently there was firing in Janata Mazdoor Colony.

Just last Sunday night at around 9:30 pm, the welcome Janata took place near the Khujar Wali Masjid in Mazdoor Colony. Deputy Commissioner of Police (North East) Joy Turki said, “At 10:41 pm on Sunday, the police control room received a call from JPC Hospital about the admission of two persons with bullet injuries. A police team was sent after the incident. The injured have been identified as Aman (18) and a 17-year-old minor, both residents of the same area where the incident took place.

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