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The husband came out on the streets with his wife’s severed neck

Twelve banks: A heartbreaking incident has taken place in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. Here a husband cut his wife’s throat. After that, he started roaming the streets with his severed head. Meanwhile, he had his wife’s severed head in one hand and the weapon with which he committed the crime in the other hand. Anyone who saw him on the street in this condition was shaken to the core.

Both were married for eight years.

Meanwhile, someone informed the police, after which the police arrested him. The accused has been identified as Anil Kumar, a resident of Basra village, who allegedly beheaded his wife with a sickle, police said. Police say that the accused suspects that his wife is having an affair with another person. Let us tell you that this couple had been married for eight years.

According to officials, the incident took place on Friday in Basra village, where the accused was seen walking around barefoot carrying the severed head of his wife. One of his videos also went viral on social media. In the video, he can be seen showing the sickle to some people standing on the side of the road as he walks past them. On receiving information, Fatehpur police reached the spot and arrested him.

The father of two is a murderer.

A police officer said that the accused Anil Kumar has been arrested. The police have also seized the body of the woman and sent it for post-mortem. The couple has been married for eight years and has two children. He said that further investigation is being done in this matter.

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