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Saleem Sherwani resigned from the post of SP General Secretary.

Lucknow: All is not well in the Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh. Senior party officials are resigning. After Swami Prasad Maurya resigned from the post of party general secretary, another leader has resigned. Salim Sherwani, a five-time Member of the Assembly, has resigned from the post of General Secretary. While resigning, he said that Muslims are neglecting themselves and are constantly losing confidence in the party.

Muslims are gaining confidence in SP Saleem.

Saleem Sherwani said that I have been talking to you continuously about the situation of Muslims for some time now, I have always tried to tell that Muslims are neglecting themselves and are constantly losing their faith in the party. Their distance from others is constantly increasing and they are looking for a real leader. The party should not underestimate their support. There is a growing feeling among Muslims that no one in the secular front will come forward to take up their legitimate cause.”

Even a member of the Muslim community got a Rajya Sabha ticket

As per the tradition of the party, I had repeatedly requested for the Rajya Sabha seat for the Muslim community. He said that even if my name is not considered, there is not a single Muslim candidate among the candidates announced by the party. Attacking the party high command, he said that the way you have distributed Rajya Sabha tickets shows that you do not give any importance to PDA itself. Which begs the question, how are you different from the BJP?

The opposition is not fighting with the ruling party but with each other – Saleem Sherwani

Salim Sherwani said that efforts to form a strong opposition alliance are proving futile. No one seems serious about it. It seems that the opposition is more interested in fighting among themselves than fighting the wrong policies of the ruling party. Now secularism has become cosmetic. Muslims in India, especially in Uttar Pradesh, have never asked for anything other than their right to live with equality, dignity and security, but the party finds this demand too big. The party has no response to our demand. So I feel that I cannot change the condition of my community from my current position in SP.

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