Girlfriend blocks number with gift of 20 lakhs, victim’s lover contacts police – India TV Hindi

Girlfriend blocked the number with a gift of 20 lakhs.- India TV Hindi

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The girlfriend took a gift of 20 lakhs and blocked the number.

Muzaffarpur: An interesting story of love, betrayal and revenge has come to light in the district. Actually, they became friends while studying and the girlfriend fell in love for the first time. Then one by one they also took gifts worth 20 lakh rupees. The boyfriend gifted her a flat in Patna, an iPhone, a luxury car as the girlfriend’s demands increased, but all she got was infidelity. Now his girlfriend has blocked his mobile number. The young man is begging her to marry him, but the girl doesn’t even want to meet him, let alone marry him.

Friendships formed during studies.

It is being told that the boyfriend is a resident of a village in Mushari police station area, while the girlfriend is a resident of Sadar police station area. He is working in the accounts section, while his girlfriend is working on contract in the health department, Patna. Ashiq said that while studying in college in the year 2019, he had befriended a girl resident of Sadar police station area. During the conversation on the phone, the intimacy between the two grew. The two used to talk to each other on the phone for hours. Never knew when friendship turned into love. This series was going on for the last 4 years.

Took a gift of up to 20 lakh rupees.

The youth said that after completing her education, the girl was reinstated on contract in the Health Department of Patna. In the name of love, the girl took a flat in Patna before the young man. After that, the iPhone was also taken. This series did not stop here, the girl also got her lover to buy a luxury car. Her lover used to buy her all the things she wanted. So far, over Rs 20 lakh has been purchased on cash and EMI basis. When the young man talks to her about marriage, she hesitates. For the last 10 days, the girl is refusing to meet him and marry him, while the young man is adamant about marriage. The girl is now blocking her number and avoiding talking to him.

The young man contacted the police.

The girlfriend threatens to blackmail him to get rid of him. Afraid of this, the lover also reached the police station with a complaint against the girlfriend. He lodged a complaint at Kazim Mohammadpur police station and requested to marry the girl. The youth told the police that his girlfriend had taken the car in his mother’s name. Earlier she used to talk very well, but since she got a contract job and moved to Patna, she started talking less. She hesitates when it comes to marriage. Since the case was in the area of ​​another police station, the OD officer asked him to register a case at Mushari police station and sent him there.

(Reporting by Sanjeev Kumar from Muzaffarpur)

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