Manipur: Government employees urged to avoid going to office due to suspension of policeman

The ‘Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum’ (ITLF) in Manipur has appealed to civil servants in Chorachandpur district not to report to work from Monday over the suspension of a police head constable who was allegedly armed in a video. was seen with individuals.

The tribal organization demanded revocation of the suspension of Head Constable Syamal Pal and demanded the immediate transfer of Superintendent of Police Shivanand Surve and Deputy Commissioner Dharun Kumar.

Hours after the suspension of the head constable on February 15, a mob entered the government complex in Chorachandpur that houses the offices of the SP and DC, torched vehicles and vandalized government property, which At least two people were killed in firing by the security forces. 30 people were killed and injured.

More than 24 hours have passed since the ultimatum to cancel the order of suspension of ITLF head constable Syam Lal Pal and to replace the SP and DC of Chorachandpur, the organization said in a statement. No action has been taken so far. According to the statement, state government employees should avoid going to the office, if any untoward incident happens, it will be their responsibility.

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