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Shocked by the murder of three members of the same family in Begusarai

Begusarai: The government has changed in Bihar but the situation remains the same. The state continues to be dominated by criminals and crime. Killings are happening in the open. The police is claiming to control the crime but the daily incidents are proving the truth of the police claims. The incident that took place in Begusarai on Saturday night shocked the entire city.

Three members of the same family were killed

Three members of the same family were killed in Begusarai. This incident of murder took place in Vishnupur Aho of Sahibpur Kamal police station area. It is being told that this murder was done by the close relatives of the deceased. The deceased have been identified as Umesh Yadav, his 25-year-old Rajesh Yadav and his 21-year-old daughter Nilu Kumari, a resident of Raghunathpur Srinagar under Sahibpur Kamal police station area.

Find out what it was all about

It is being told about the incident that Lucy Kumari, daughter of Omesh Yadav, a resident of Srinagar Chharapatti in Sahibpur Kamal police station area, was married to Lalan Yadav, nephew of Sanjay Yadav, a resident of Govindpur. During this period, Sanjay Yadav’s family regularly visited his relative’s house in Chhrapatti, Srinagar, and Neelu also regularly visited her sister Lucy’s house in Govindpur. Meanwhile, Lucy became close to her brother-in-law Himanshu.

Shot dead

A few days before this, Neelu got married to Himanshu Yadav. But they did not want to keep the girl. Someone else in her family had to marry. After receiving this information, today Omesh Yadav reached Govindpur along with his son Rajesh Kumar and daughter Neelu and pressed them to keep them in the house. The issue was discussed between the two. Then the three were shot dead. Chaos ensued after the incident.

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