STF Arrested Time Bomb Maker Imrana, Mastermind Revealed Many Secrets – India TV Hindi

UPSTF Arrests Time Bomb Mastermind Imrana from Muzaffarnagar - India TV Hindi

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The Special Task Force of Uttar Pradesh has arrested the woman who made the time bomb from Muzaffarnagar. Let us tell you that on February 17, the STF team arrested Imrana, the mastermind behind the timer bomb. Let us tell you that mastermind Imrana is a native of Shamli district, which lives in Prempuri area of ​​Muzaffarnagar district. The STF team arrested him from his house at 4 pm on February 17. For a long time, the STF had been receiving information about absconding and bounty criminals who were actively committing crimes and involved in other crimes. Different teams of STF decided to take action in this regard.

STF arrested the bomb maker

The STF team received information from the informant that Imrana, the wanted timer bomb maker in the said area of ​​Muzaffarnagar district, is present at her house. In such a situation, the STF immediately started action on the information of the informer. After informing the local police, the STF team reached the location indicated by the informer and arrested Imrana. On questioning, Imrana said that she is a resident of Muzaffarnagar. His father’s name is Shakur who is deceased. He was married about 30 years ago in Shamli district. He has one daughter and two sons from this marriage. One son is dead. She said that she had known Javed for about 20 years. Javed’s uncle Arshi used to make crackers under license. Javed also used to make crackers with him.

Imrana gave a statement to the STF.

He said that about 12-13 years ago he had taken 2 bombs from Javed which he kept at his house. A bomb had gone off. In order to avoid any major incident, Imrana had thrown the bomb in Kali River. In 2013, when riots broke out in Muzaffarnagar, Imrana’s house was burnt down by Hindus. Imran suffered a lot in this. Because of which Imrana was very angry. Imrana said, ‘After that, I met Javed’s son Zarif and made some bombs, so that if there is a fight in the future, these bombs will be useful. Javed was coming to me with 4 bombs the day before yesterday when the police arrested him on the way.


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