Tata Group will also set up a semiconductor plant, an investment of billions of dollars.

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Semiconductor production will soon begin in the country on a large scale. The Tata Group has also proposed to set up a semiconductor plant in the country with Israel’s Tower Semiconductors. Union Electronics and IT Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar on Sunday confirmed the proposals and said the government has received 4 proposals for semiconductor manufacturing. In addition, 13 companies have expressed interest for chip assembly, testing, monitoring and packaging (ATMP).

Israel’s tower is an $8 billion proposal.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that two big semiconductor plants will be set up in the country. One of these towers may be of semiconductor. Israel’s Tower has proposed an $8 billion investment in the plant. There has also been a proposal from the Tata Group. The Union Minister said that India is going to be among the leading countries in semiconductor production. Various companies are ready to invest billions of dollars.

The approval will be given after the elections.

Expressing happiness, the Union Minister said that semiconductors of 65, 40 and 28 nanometer technology will be produced in these plants. The government is also considering other proposals. He said that we are considering allowing these proposals before the elections. However, these proposals will surely be approved during the third term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apart from Tower Semiconductor, the Union Minister also approved Tata Group’s proposal. The proposals of both these companies involve huge investments.

Micron Technology is building a chip manufacturing plant.

He said that the government has so far received 4 proposals for semiconductor manufacturing and 13 proposals for ATMP units. All these proposals are apart from the Micron Technology plant to be built in Gujarat. The American company Micron Technology is building a chip manufacturing plant in the country with an investment of Rs 22516 crore.

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