A large number of dead bodies of cows were recovered from the forest of Shivpuri, this statement came out from the police – India TV Hindi

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A shocking case has come to light from Karira tehsil of Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. A large number of cows were found lying dead in the middle of the forest. Their number is said to be around 200. According to the information received, these bodies were found just 500-600 meters away from the National Highway on the Salarpur Road passing through Karira Tehsil on the National Highway 27.

What do the police say?

In this regard, police station in-charge Suresh Sharma says that when he received the information, he inspected the crime scene, but he did not find any facts that could have caused the death of these cows at the same time. Currently, the police is investigating in this regard, while the forest department has kept silent on the matter.

This fear is being expressed.

In this case, the administrative officers and the police say that they are investigating, but the question arises as to how such a large number of cow carcasses reached the forest. It is suspected that people are dumping dead animals in the area. Another suspicion is being raised that cattle are dumped here after death in cow sheds built in different areas of the city.

People around are not ready to speak.

Currently, the people around are avoiding to say anything in this matter. At present the matter needs to be investigated but let us tell you that the finding of a large number of dead cows in the forest certainly raises big questions and the matter needs a serious and detailed investigation.

Report – KK Dubey

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