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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un

Between the Ukraine-Russia war and the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza, the world’s attention is now on North Korea. Indeed, recent moves by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un have sparked a new debate over his military ambitions, with him dismissing speculation of reconciliation or reunification with South Korea. According to a KCNA report, at a recent political event, Kim Jong-un made it clear that North Korea does not want war but will not back down from it. Their goal is to take over South Korea when war breaks out.

Kim Jong-un is building up military power.

Kim Jong-un’s political and military ambitions have been bolstered by North Korea’s recent sophisticated and long-range missile tests. Kim Jong-un continues to increase his military powers. The international community is tense about Kim’s dangerous plans.

What do the experts say?

Choi Gil, a professor of military studies at Songji University, told AFP news agency that war between North and South Korea is now most likely. If North Korea takes any provocative action in the future, a large number of civilians and military personnel may suffer casualties. In such a situation, South Korea can launch airstrikes.

Many believe that Kim Jong-un is aware of the threat to his government from conflicts with South Korea and the United States. Instead, they are signaling a readiness to escalate tensions without going to war directly. According to Yul Chul Lim of Kyungnam University’s Institute of Far Eastern Studies, the potential for misunderstanding and accidental conflict is high given the tense environment.

Kim gave this warning.

Let us tell you that recently, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was there during the test of a new surface-to-sea missile and warned that his country could use the disputed sea border with rival South Korea. A more aggressive military stance will be adopted. Will adopt.

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