When the actor survived, he suffered a head injury and was surrounded by 45 sharks.

Akshay Kumar’s Death Experience: There are many actors in Bollywood who risk their lives while shooting some scenes. Otherwise sometimes something happens on the sets due to which these celebrities get seriously injured. Something similar happened to an actor. During the shooting of the film, he suffered a head injury after which he was surrounded by 45 sharks. We are talking about none other than the Bollywood actor. Akshay Kumar had an accident during the 2009 film Blue. After which his life was narrowly saved.

Akshay Kumar still hasn’t forgotten the accident that happened during the movie Blue. He still remembers the incident when he saw death so closely. He himself had told about this once.

45 was surrounded by sharks.
Akshay Kumar had once told about his painful accident in an interview given to E-Times. Akshay said – he was shooting underwater without an oxygen tank. During the shooting, his head hit the sunken ship there. Due to which he had shed a lot of blood. Not only that, he was in 150 feet of water. During this time, Akshay had lost a lot of blood. The sharks there, attracted by the smell of blood, approached him and were surrounded by 40-45 sharks.

Thus saving lives
Akshay further said that when he was surrounded by so many sharks, he did not panic but patiently floated on the surface of the water. Due to which even the sharks did not feel threatened by them and did not say anything to them. Otherwise she could harm them.

Akshay Kumar’s movie was released in 2009. Blue did not show much at the box office but the songs of this film became very popular.

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