Fed the family by selling tea, got recognition from this reality show, today this Bollywood actor is in crores

Who is Penchan: Today we are going to tell you about one such great artist of Hindi cinema, whose life is an example in itself. This actor who started his career in 1979 is still ruling the hearts of people. So today they have wealth of crores but the journey to reach here was not easy. The actor’s childhood was spent in extreme poverty.

The family was fed by selling tea.
The actor started working as a child to support his family. Sometimes by selling tea and sometimes by selling lottery tickets, this actor somehow helped his family in financial crisis.

Thus the fortunes changed
The actor’s fortunes changed when Shyam Benegal, a famous filmmaker of Hindi cinema, noticed him. In fact, at the age of 23, the actor played the role of a 70-year-old man in a drama, after watching which Shyam Benegal became a fan of the actor’s brilliant work.

The real identity came from the small screen
The filmmaker gave the actor an opportunity to act in his film ‘Mundi’. From here, the actor’s fortunes changed and he never looked back. Thus, this actor has done many films on the big screen, but he got his real recognition from the small screen.

If you haven’t recognized yet, let us tell you that here we are talking about famous Bollywood actor Anu Kapoor. Anu Kapoor is celebrating her birthday today on February 20. Born on February 20, 1956 in Bhopal, Anu Kapoor started her Bollywood career with the 1983 film ‘Mandi’. Anu Kapoor became a household name when she started hosting the TV show ‘Antakshaari’ on Doordarshan. His show became very popular. People still remember him from this show.

Total worth
Anu Kapoor, who has acted in more than 100 films, is currently worth crores of rupees. Talking about his net worth, he has around Rs 170 crore. He owns a luxurious house in Mumbai. Apart from this, he also has many luxury cars which are worth in crores.

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