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Patient Rubbing Tobacco - India TV Hindi

Image Source: Social Media
The patient is rubbing tobacco.

It’s a very strange world on social media. There is no telling when what will go viral here. Many dance and fight videos go viral every day. But this time the video that is going viral is something different. You have never seen such a sight before. After watching the video, you will surely be shocked and think for a moment if this is really true? Let us tell you what is seen in the video.

Life can go on but passion should not go!

A video that has gone viral on micro-blogging platform X (formerly Twitter) is a scene you’ve never seen before. In the viral video, you can see a man lying down for an operation in the operation theater of a hospital. But when you pay attention to his hands, you will also be surprised. The man is seen rubbing tobacco with his hands. The video is going viral on social media.

Watch the viral video here

Is the viral video from Kanpur?

The video was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by a page named @AlphaTwt_. The caption accompanying the video reads, ‘Kanpur is not for newbies.’ From the caption, it seems that the viral video is from Kanpur. As of this writing, the video has been viewed by 196,000 people. After watching the video a user wrote – Gutkha Rakesh son of Gutkha Mukesh. Another user wrote – passion is a big thing. Another user wrote, “Jan Jaye But Zarda Naye Jaye”.

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