Love has such results! Mad lover stopped on the way and shot him in the skull – India TV Hindi

Mad lover shoots student in the head.- India TV Hindi.

Image source: India TV
The mad lover shot the student in the head.

Lakhisarai: In the district, once again, the terrible result of love has come to light. Here an eccentric lover expressed his displeasure by shooting his girlfriend in the head. The girlfriend is said to be critically injured after being shot by her boyfriend. The condition of the girlfriend remains critical. At present, the police took immediate action in the case and arrested the accused Ashiq. Apart from this, the injured student has been referred to Patna for better treatment.

The girl was going to school.

Actually, the entire case is of Kumarpur in Pali Panchayat of Veropur police station area. An 11th class student was going to school here. Meanwhile, a crazy lover ambushed him on the way and shot him in the head. Sensation spread in the area after the incident. The people nearby reported the matter to the police. As soon as the incident was reported, the police also reached the spot. After that, with the help of Viropur police and local people, the injured student was brought to Barahia Referral Hospital for treatment. Here, after first aid, the victim was referred to Patna for better treatment.

The police arrested the accused.

Let us tell you that the injured student has been identified as Neelam Kumari, daughter of Mukesh Mehto, a resident of Karampur, while her lover has been identified as Raheesh Kumar alias Bengali Kumar son of Ram Iqbal Mehto, a resident of Karampur. has happened The police took immediate action in this whole matter and arrested the accused along with the indigenous pistol used in the incident. It is being told that there was a love affair going on between the two for a long time. The accused was employed in a private company. He had returned to his village Kumarpur some time ago.

Bought bullets and cartridges for 7 thousand rupees.

It is also being told that Ashiq Bengali Kumar wanted to take the student with him but the student was not willing to go with him. An argument was going on between the two regarding this matter. Because of this, the lover was constantly pressuring the student to go with him. The girl’s family was opposing the love between the two. Enraged by this, the crazed lover bought homemade pistols and cartridges for Rs 7000 and planned to kill his girlfriend. Taking the opportunity, he shot the student on his way to school.

(Reporting by Ranjit Kumar Samrat from Lakhisarai)

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