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Eknath Shinde, CM, Maharashtra- India TV Hindi.

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Eknath Shinde, Chief Minister, Maharashtra

Mumbai: A one-day special session of the Maharashtra Assembly has been called today. Maratha reservation is likely to be discussed in this meeting. Earlier, after presenting the report in the special assembly session on Friday, Chief Minister Shinde had said that Marathas will be given reservation as per law. Meanwhile, the Shinde Cabinet meeting has started.

Chief Minister Shinde had said – We have surveyed about 2-2.5 crore people. Keeping in mind that the OBC community should not be left behind in the process, the government will submit a report to the Cabinet Committee. A special session of the Assembly has been scheduled for this on February 20. A special session of the Assembly, after which the Maratha reservation will be granted in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Discussion on various demands of Maratha community

The decision to hold a special session of the Assembly was taken in the weekly cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. A note issued by the chief minister’s office said that the cabinet meeting approved a one-day special session of the legislature on Tuesday to discuss the various demands of the Maratha community. K Manoj Jaringe Patil Intervalli said. Sarti is on a hunger strike in the village and pressure is mounting on the government. For this reason, the government has decided to call a special meeting today.

The Backward Classes Commission had submitted the survey report last week.

Last week, the Maharashtra State Backward Class Commission submitted its survey report on the social, economic and educational backwardness of the Maratha community. After this, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde appealed to Maratha reservation activist Manoj Jarange to end his indefinite hunger strike. CM Shinde said that the state government is positive about giving reservation to the community. The report will help the government with the necessary data to enact legislation to ensure reservation for the Maratha community. About 2.5 crore families were involved in this massive exercise.

Social activist Manoj Jarange is currently on an indefinite hunger strike at his native place in Jalna district since February 10 over Maratha reservation. Shinde asserted that reservation would be given to the people of the Maratha community without affecting the existing reservation of other communities. He also urged the activist Jarange to end their indefinite fast and said that the state government’s attitude towards providing reservation to the community was positive. The survey was launched on January 23 across Maharashtra in which 3.5 lakh to 4 lakh state government employees participated. The survey was conducted on 2 crore families. (Input Agency)

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