54 detonators found near Kalyan railway station near Mumbai, bomb squad on site – India TV Hindi

Detonator reported found near Kalyan station.- India TV Hindi

Image source: ANI
Detonator reported found near Kalyan station.

Terrible news has come from the Kalyan area adjacent to Mumbai. A large number of detonators have been recovered near the Kalyan railway station here. As soon as the matter was reported, railway police, local police and bomb squad officials reached the spot. Further investigation into the entire matter has been initiated. According to information, these are electronic detonators used to break mountains.

What’s the whole deal?

In fact, it has been reported that a total of 54 detonators have been recovered outside Platform No. 1 of the Kalyan railway station adjacent to Mumbai. As soon as the matter came to light in a congested area like a railway station, the railway police, local police and bomb squad were immediately called to the spot, after which an investigation into the matter was started.

What have you found out so far?

According to the information received so far, it is an electronic detonator used to break mountains. The police is trying to find out where these detonators came from. It is being investigated whether someone forgot them or left them here on purpose. The police are also scanning the CCTV footage of the railway station and its vicinity.

Investigation of the case has been started.

According to PTI, the bomb disposal squad seized the boxes and searched them and found 54 detonators inside them. The Kalyan GRP has started a probe into the matter, though no case has been registered in connection with the seizure, the official said. Senior officials including the Thane City Police visited the spot where boxes containing detonators were recovered.

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