Another tragedy for war-torn Palestinians, food shortages loom in northern Gaza – India TV Hindi

A picture of the Gaza war.  India TV Hindi.

Image source: AP
A picture of the Gaza war.

Rafah (Gaza Strip): A great calamity has befallen the war-torn Palestinians. Indeed, food supplies to northern Gaza have suddenly been cut off. Due to which the Palestinians living in these areas are now at risk of dying of hunger. Palestinian citizens are worried about this. The World Food Program (WFP) said on Tuesday it had halted food supplies to northern Gaza amid growing chaos in the region over the Israeli-Palestinian war, which has increased the risk of malnutrition. A study by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has warned that one in six children in northern Gaza is severely malnourished.

According to UN figures, truck penetration has halved in the past two weeks due to the escalating war. UN officials and aid workers said Israel’s failure to ensure the safety of the trucks during bombings and ground attacks had disrupted trucking and food distribution. He said that Palestinians, who are facing food shortages due to lack of security, often attack these trucks loaded with food. The crisis in the area is likely to deepen due to the obstruction in relief operations.

Israel turned Gaza into a graveyard.

Over the past two days, several airstrikes have targeted areas of northern Gaza that the Israeli army largely liberated from Hamas a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, the army ordered the evacuation of two areas in the southern part of Gaza City on Tuesday. A large part of the city has been turned into a pile of rubble after the attack by the Israeli soldiers in Gaza. At the same time, several hundred thousand Palestinians are still deprived of aid. They are facing a famine-like situation as they and their families are getting only one meal a day. Food supplies were halted for the first time three weeks ago after an attack on a truck. However, efforts were made to resume it this week, but convoys of trucks faced firing on Sunday and Monday. (AP)

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