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Custard Apple Seeds for Lice - India TV Hindi

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Custard apple seeds for lice

Famous hair stylist Javed Habib often shares hair care and beauty tips on his social media page. Recently he shared a solution to kill head lice which is very simple and anyone can use it anytime. This is actually a home remedy that uses custard apple seeds. Now you must be wondering how we can kill hair lice with custard apple seeds, so let’s explain this method and then we will know its benefits.

How to use custard apple seeds to kill lice in hair?

You can use custard apple seeds if your hair lice problem persists. For this you have to remove the seeds from the custard apple, wash them and dry them a little and then grind them and keep them aside. Then add some coconut oil to this powder and apply this oil on your scalp. Be careful to apply this oil only on the scalp and do not let it reach the eyes. Now leave it for half an hour and then shampoo.

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How are custard apple seeds used to kill lice in hair?

Custard apple seeds contain toxins. Also, its microbial keratitis-like properties help kill lice in hair. Different parts of this plant have been used in folk medicine to treat various ailments such as boils, ulcers, insect-infested wounds, head lice and skin shedding.

Lice in the hair

Image Source: Social

Lice in the hair

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So, for these reasons alone you should use custard apple seeds to kill hair lice. These are very useful but keep them away from the eyes as they can be harmful. So, if you haven’t used custard apple seeds to kill lice yet, you should. This solution is really very useful.


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