“Increase aid to Kiev at Western crossroads, compromise or suffer humiliation from Russia” – India TV Hindi

The Ukraine War.  - India TV Hindi.

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The Ukraine War.

Birmingham year In the summer and fall of 2022, there was much talk of Russian President Vladimir Putin finding “another way” to save him from an unwinnable war. Now, as Ukraine enters its third year of self-defense against Russian aggression, the proposal remains – but it is increasingly being realized that it is the Western bloc that needs to put it all behind it. Is. The two years of intense war have resulted in heavy casualties. Ukraine’s prospects after that are uncertain. Its losses would be difficult to recoup, both in terms of battlefield casualties and the flood of emigration after the invasion. Russia continues to dominate the war.

Following Russia’s seizure of another Ukrainian city, Avdiivka, Stephen Wolff, professor of international security at the University of Birmingham, said it was time to “increase Kiev’s aid to the West, compromise or humiliate Russia.” To be tolerated”. His statement clearly means that Ukraine is dominated by Putin’s forces in Kiev despite the help of Europe and the West against Russia. Now Ukraine is fighting to save its existence. At the same time, Europe and Western countries have gradually reduced their support for Kiev. In such a situation, the threat of defeat is clearly looming over Ukraine.

The consequences for Ukraine’s economy could be fatal.

This round of war could have dire consequences for Ukraine’s already struggling economy. Not only this, but the cost of war is increasing at an alarming rate. The latest joint assessment of Ukraine’s recovery needs by the European Union, the World Bank and the United Nations puts the figure at US$486 billion, up US$75 billion from last year. This means that Ukraine’s needs have increased by one-and-a-half times in 12 months for the amount of EU aid made available to Ukraine over the next four years. According to the annual 2023 Threat Index produced by the Munich Security Conference, a global forum for debating international security policy, five of the G7 nations rated Russia as the top threat. In 2024, this perception is shared by only two G7 members. This is worrisome given Ukraine’s critical dependence on the political, economic and military support of the G7. This does not bode well for the ability of Europe’s political leaders to maintain the public support needed for continued aid transfers.

Along with Ukraine, Gaza is also a challenge for the West.

Ukraine is not the only crisis attracting the attention of the collective West. The war in Gaza and the wider conflict in the Middle East is and will remain high on the agenda. But there are other pressing issues that often fail to make global headlines. The ongoing civil war in Sudan, the escalating conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the escalating tensions between Ethiopia and Somalia all have the potential to fuel direct fears of another mass migration crisis in the minds of the Western public. have A nuclear attack by North Korea, Iranian sponsorship of terrorists throughout the Middle East, and the apparent stabilization of a new “axis of evil” between the two and Russia are unlikely to ease tensions in Western capitals.

Against this backdrop, the war in Ukraine has become a major and increasingly distracting topic. Many leaders – especially in Europe – are worried about Donald Trump’s return to the White House and the possible end of the meaningful transatlantic alliance. If the US withdraws support, Europe may face even more Russian aggression if the war in Ukraine continues. The challenge for Ukraine and its Western partners is to establish the equivalent of the 38th parallel on the Korean Peninsula. The alternative to doubling down on Western military support for Kiev is a slow and painful defeat on the battlefield, with far-reaching consequences beyond Ukraine. (Conversation)

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