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Indians are very fond of apples these days. According to the data, the export of apples from America to India has increased 16 times compared to last year. The increase in exports comes after India decided to remove the 20 percent retaliatory duty on US products in 2019. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had decided to abolish these fees during his visit to the US.

1 million boxes of apples came to India

According to the report of news agency PTI, the apple growers of Washington state sent about 1 million boxes of apples to India this year, which is 16 times more than last year. This achievement was also celebrated on Tuesday at the port of Seattle, USA.

MP Maria Cantwell told reporters in Seattle that this is a new milestone in trade relations between the US and India. Prakash Gupta, Consul General of the Indian Consulate in Seattle, apple growers and laborers of Central Washington and port officials were also present on this special occasion. The export market for apples from Washington State to India had declined due to a 20 percent increase in the import duty on apples. Before the duty was imposed, Washington growers exported US$120 million worth of apples to India. Since then, it has now reached 1 million US dollars. This had a massive financial impact on apple growers in Washington state.

Apples worth USD 1.95 crore were sold.

Let us tell you that business was back to normal this crop season after duty was lifted during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic visit to the US. Washington growers have shipped about 1,190,000 40-pound boxes of apples to India this season, according to the Washington State Apple Commission. Total apple sales from Washington to India are estimated at about US$19.5 million, although growers have completed only half of the shipping season. A total of 73,000 40-pound boxes were shipped in the 2022–23 season and sales were US$1.3 million.

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