IPO Allotment Tips: Invest in IPO but not getting allotment? Learn effective tips for acquiring shares here.

IPO Allotment Tips: These days the IPO market is in full swing and new public issues are constantly emerging in the stock market. By getting listed, companies are generating huge returns for their investors and just yesterday, Vibhor Steel Tubes got listed and made its investors rich with a bumper listing of 181 percent.

Vibhor Steel Tubes investors get rich from IPO listing.

On the NSE Vibhor Steel Listing It was priced at Rs 425, representing an increase of 181.46% from its issue price of Rs 151. Vibor Steel traded at Rs 421 on the BSE, up 178.8 percent. Investors of Vebor Steel Tubes have got a profit of Rs 274 per share on NSE and investors have got a profit of lakhs per lot in just a few days. Apart from this, several recently listed companies have also been able to deliver bumper returns to their investors. We have seen in recent months that there are many firms that have given returns ranging from 50 percent to 140 percent in the early stage after their listing.

If you also want to invest in stock market companies through IPO but think you don’t know whether you will get allotment or not, here are some tips to increase your chances of getting allotment in IPO. are

What do market experts say?

Sandeep Raichura, CEO and Director, Retail Banking and Distribution, Prabhudas Laladhar, in a report published in the Economic Times informed that the IPO allotment process revolves entirely around the fact that in case of oversubscription, fair Allotment can be done.

Here are some special tips.

Increase the number of requests-
You can submit an IPO application in the name of all the adult members of your family who have demat accounts.

You can also apply through Child Demat account.
A child demat account can be opened in the name of your child and through this account you can also apply for investment in IPOs.

Open demat account in the name of HUF and apply-
If possible for an investor, he can open a separate demat account in the name of HUF i.e. Hindu Undivided Family, through which investments can also be made in IPO. HUFs get quota to invest in IPOs in various categories like retail, NII, HNI and UHNI, so it can be easy for you to get IPO subscription from HUF demat account.

Keep in mind why you are investing in an IPO.

There are two trends seen in IPO investors. One is those who invest in an initial public offering only for the profits at the time of listing, while the other is those who plan to invest in shares for a long period of time. Investors believe that if they want to invest in shares for a long period of time, they should invest through IPOs so that they can get shares at a lower price. You should also have a clear objective whether you are investing in an IPO just to list profits or want to be a long-term investor to benefit from the company’s growth.

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