Maharashtra: Why did Abu Azmi tear up the Maratha Reservation Ordinance in Vidhan Bhawan? – India TV Hindi.

Abu Azmi- India TV Hindi.

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Abu Azmi

Mumbai: Samajwadi Party Maharashtra state president and MLA Abu Azmi spoke to India TV. He said that I have full confidence that the Maharashtra government will not give us reservation even after the Bombay High Court has justified 5% reservation in education for Muslims. That is why I tore up the Maratha Reservation Ordinance at Vidhan Bhavan yesterday. This was my annoyance.

He said that PM Modi talks about backwardness among Muslims. Talk with everyone and for the development of everyone. But they should see how the Maharashtra government is not even fulfilling the legitimate demands and rights of Muslims in Maharashtra.

That said about the reservation

Abu said that before independence in 1936, the British had given 35 percent reservation to Muslims. But in August 1950, Home Minister Vallabhbhai Patel opposed it. He said that reservation cannot be given on the basis of religion and we Muslims accepted it. Later Sikhs got reservation but Christians and Muslims did not. Therefore, today we have become strangers in our own country because now even in the courts decisions are made according to the population and what is the population of us Muslims. So who will think of us?

He said that there is no use in going to court. We will not be heard there either. We will continue to raise similar slogans and demand 5% reservation. But I am afraid that in future no Abdul Kalam and Abdul Hameed will be born in India.

He said that when the Maratha and Muslim reservation was given by the then government in 2016, the Bombay High Court accepted the idea of ​​5 percent reservation for the backward class of Muslims. But the court canceled the Maratha reservation. But no one needs Muslims in this country anymore. So no one is listening to us.

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