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Supreme Court of Pakistan.- India TV Hindi.

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Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Islamabad: The issue of rigging in Pakistan’s elections has reached the Supreme Court. In it, the petitioner alleged massive rigging and demanded re-election in Pakistan. But the Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed the petition for fresh elections over alleged irregularities in the February 8 general election, calling it a “popularity ploy”. The Supreme Court also fined the former army officer and the petitioner for not appearing in the court.

Let us tell you that retired Brigadier Ali Khan had last week requested the Supreme Court to order fresh elections within 30 days under the supervision of the judiciary to “ensure fairness, transparency and accountability.” He had also sought an order to stay the formation of the new government till the matter is resolved. However, the petitioner did not appear during two consecutive hearings. After which the bench comprising Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faiz Isa, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Musrat Hilali while dealing with the petition imposed a fine of 5 lakh Pakistani rupees on the petitioner.

The court rejected the request.

The court was first told that Ali was a former brigadier who was court-martialled in 2012 and dismissed from service. The Chief Justice read out the email sent by the petitioner to the Supreme Court in which he said that he was abroad and wanted to withdraw his petition. Chief Justice Isa rejected the plea calling it a ‘popularity ploy’. While in Pakistan it has been claimed that Muslim League (N) and People’s Party have agreed to form a coalition government. In this alliance, Shahbaz Sharif can be made the Prime Minister of Pakistan again. (language)

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