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India Soon Desi Chat is going to get GPT. Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries and a consortium of eight IITs in the country are set to launch their first ChatGPT-style service from next month. This is a big step towards taking India forward in the field of artificial intelligence. Bharat GPT Group, which is backed by Reliance Industries and the country’s eight IITs, gave a glimpse of its big language model at a technology conference in Mumbai on Tuesday. In a video played at the conference, a motorcycle mechanic in South India talks to an AI bot writing computer code, a banker in Hindi and a developer in Hyderabad.

Why is this Hanuman AI model special?

According to a Bloomberg report, the name of this AI model is Hanuman. If successful, it will be a milestone in the development of AI technology in India. This model of Bharat GPT will work in 11 local languages ​​across four key sectors namely healthcare, governance, financial services and education. The model has been developed in collaboration with Indian Institutes of Technology including IIT Mumbai. It also has the support of wireless carrier Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited and the Government of India. “It’s a different approach to LLM,” said Ganesh Ramakrishnan, chairman of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay.

They are also building AI models.

Several startups like Sarvam and Vikrity, backed by leading VC investors like Lightspeed Venture Partners and billionaire Vinod Khosla’s fund, are also building open-source AI models customized for India. While Silicon Valley companies like OpenAI are building huge LLMs.

Speech to text abilities

Hanuman will also present a speech to the talents of the text. This will make it very user friendly. Ramakrishnan said that Reliance Jio will create customized models for specific customers. The company is already working on JioBrain, a platform for leveraging AI across its network of 450 million users.

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