The ‘zombie disease’ hit the world, humans can also be infected, these animals started getting sick

Zombie Virus: After the era of Corona, various terrible viruses are causing public concern. Zombie deer disease has recently been detected affecting deer in the United States. Deer infected with this virus are acting strangely because the disease has caused holes in their brains. In the last two months, such cases are coming from many states of America due to which scientists are very worried. Deer in about 32 US states and four Canadian provinces are said to have succumbed to this strange but contagious disease. Doctors have called it a chronic wasting disease and have issued warnings that people should avoid eating meat from animals like deer, moose and elk. Let’s know what is zombie deer disease.

What is zombie deer disease?

Zombie deer disease is said to be a deadly and contagious disease that attacks a group of animals called cervids. This group includes animals such as deer, reindeer, moose, elk and caribou. Under this disease, abnormal protein particles (prions) begin to accumulate in the brain tissue of animals. Due to this, the mind of these animals gets confused and they start doing strange actions. He keeps looking at one place and doesn’t even try to escape from the hunter. His body gradually becomes weak and loose. The disease is said to be contagious and can spread to other animals through contact with infected animals’ secretions, faeces, urine, plants or soil. If the disease enters a pasture or stable or wildlife preserve, it can affect large numbers of animals.

Has the threat to humans increased?

Scientists have expressed fear that this disease can reach monkeys. Because monkeys have been living in human areas and if this disease spreads among monkeys, humans can become its biggest victims.

What are the symptoms of zombie deer disease?

It takes about a year for symptoms of zombie deer disease to appear. On examination of its victim deer, it was found that due to the spread of this virus, the affected animal starts to weaken. He starts losing weight and feels tired. His energy begins to drain and his legs begin to wobble. Currently, there is no cure for this disease. In such a situation, measures are being taken to protect the healthy animals of the affected areas by translocating them. Scientists have warned that people should avoid eating the meat of these animals, otherwise the disease can affect humans as well.

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