Why did Hamas terrorists suddenly start delivering drugs to Israeli hostages, what is the reason for the change of heart? – India TV Hindi

A picture of the Gaza war.  - India TV Hindi.

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A picture of the Gaza war.

Doha (Qatar): Hamas terrorists who have been torturing the Israeli hostages, Hamas terrorists who have forced the hostages to live a life of suffocation, Hamas terrorists who have taken hostages’ lives, Hamas terrorists Those who have spread terror and terror. The terrorists who had become synonymous in the hearts and minds of the hostages and had made the lives of the hostages hell, are now supplying drugs to the Israeli hostages. You may not believe your ears after hearing this. But this claim is being made by Qatar. Let us tell you that until now Qatar has been playing the role of a major mediator between Israel and Hamas. Be it a partial ceasefire, the release of hostages or the safe evacuation of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the provision of food, water and medicine. Qatar has played a major role in all these matters.

Now once again Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the news regarding its claim. According to Qatar, Hamas has started delivering medicine to about 100 hostages in Gaza. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Dr. Majid al-Ansari said Tuesday evening that Hamas has confirmed that it has begun delivering medicine to hostages in exchange for medicine and humanitarian aid for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. If so, this is the biggest relief for the Israeli hostages.

Qatar intervened to deliver medicine to the hostages.

France and Qatar signed an agreement to facilitate people held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. After that, Hamas terrorists agreed to deliver the drugs to them. It is not that the terrorists of Hamas are heartbroken to see the plight of the hostages, but it is all the result of an agreement. Let us tell you that in January, Qatar signed an agreement to deliver a shipment of medicine to dozens of sick people held hostage by Hamas in Gaza. (AP)

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