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You can know live train location even without internet with the help of just one app.

The easiest and cheapest way to travel in India is by train. Millions of people travel by train every day. You will also often come and go by train. During the train journey one has to check the location of the train many times. Through location, we know how long it will take to reach where we want to go and we also know how late the train is. Many times the train stops at a place where there is no station. Many times the train stops at a place where the internet does not work. But do you know that train location can be tracked even without internet. Let us tell you how this is possible.

Not knowing the location of the train sometimes leads to big problems. There is no telling how long it will take us to reach our station. Let us tell you that you can easily know live train location even without internet. If you use a smartphone, you only need to install an app for it. Install the Where is My Train app from the Play Store.

This app will make the job easier.

Whenever you travel by train, this app is going to help you a lot. You can know the exit location of your train with My Train Where is app. However, to know the location without internet, you have to change its settings a little.

We tell you where is My Train app provides 3 modes to find the location. First mode is internet, second mode is cell tower and third mode is GPS. The second and third method can be used only while traveling in trains. That is, if you are present in the train whose location you want to know, then only you will get the information from them.

This way you will get the live location of the train.

We tell you that you can know the location of the train through its other mode i.e. cell tower mode. Actually, the cell tower mode of the app captures the signal of the mobile tower in the area where the train passes. Whichever is the nearest mobile signal tower, you will see the name of that place on this app. This allows you to know where the train is passing. Yes, you have to keep in mind that it won’t work if your phone doesn’t have network.

This is how other modes work.

Whereas if you use its internet mode then we tell you that in this mode this app connects to NTES server and tells the location. In it, you get to know the exact location as it is continuously updated by Indian Railways every few minutes. If you use GPS mode, you can find the exact location with the help of satellites.

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