A sadhu was seen meditating amidst the frozen snow in the Himalayas, watching the video will shake your soul – India TV Hindi

Sadhu doing yoga amidst snow - India TV Hindi

Image Source: Social Media
Sadhus doing yoga in the snow.

There is no telling what will be seen on social media. In fact, every few days there are videos on social media that shock people. But seeing the video that is going viral this time, you will find it hard to believe your eyes. In the video, a monk is seen doing penance. But it is difficult for a common man to reach the place where these sadhus are doing penance. Let us tell you what is seen in the video.

The monk’s penance video goes viral

In the viral video, you will see a monk doing penance sitting on the top of a mountain. But the surprising thing is that snow is scattered all around. Even the monk’s hair, clothes and face have accumulated a lot of snow. After that, when you see this monk’s clothes, your eyes will be wide open. You will see that Yogi is wearing a simple cloth. Due to the amount of snow visible on the mountain, it seems difficult for the common man to reach there. And in such a season these saints are sitting there doing penance.

Watch the viral video here

The video was shared on the microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter) by the page @Rainmaker1973. While sharing the video, the user wrote, ‘Mahiyogi Satyendranathji meditating in chilly temperatures at Mandi, Balichoki, Himachal Pradesh.’ By the time of writing, the video has been viewed by 966,000 people.

Who is Mahant Satyendranath?

When we looked at the comment section of the video, we came across a page called @my_healthy_X who shared some information about Mahant Satyendranath. A user of the page wrote in the post, ‘Mahant Satyendranath is known for his devotion to yoga. He goes to practice yoga in various landscapes including water bodies, strong winds, mountain peaks and snowfall.’

The user added, ‘Sathendra Nath hails from Larji, a small village in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. He received the title of Guru at the age of 12. Mahant Satyendranath is said to easily climb steep hills and tall trees due to his yoga and meditation practice. The great yogi Satyendranath practiced yoga asanas anywhere in nature, even amidst the flowing waters of waterfalls.’

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