AIIMS IIT D joins hands to develop elbow replacement implants at low cost

Delhi AIIMS in collaboration with IIT Delhi has chosen a good option for elbow replacement. According to Ravi Mittal, head of orthopedic department at AIIMS, elbow replacement is done in patients whose elbow has been injured in a serious injury or accident. Or he is not working properly because of arthritis. Everything for elbow replacement in India comes from abroad. It costs Rs 2 lakh. But this also comes with the problem that implants from abroad are not suitable for Indians.

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AIIMS Delhi has developed a cheap implant in collaboration with IIT Delhi. Surgery can be easily done at a low cost ie 30 thousand rupees. Funding for this research has been received from ICMR. According to AIIMS Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Bhavok Garg, material testing and fatigue testing of this implant has been completed.

Materials and fatigue testing mean this prosthetic elbow can comfortably bend anywhere. Weight can be easily lifted through it. A FATIGUE TESTING machine of IIT has also come out in which a weight of up to two and a half kg can be lifted with the artificial elbow. This surgery will not be performed on children. And this surgery will not be done for those who are older.

It has been tested on dead people.

The titanium implant has been tested by CADEVAR on dead people, checking whether the fit is correct. It has been replaced with an artificial joint. A dead elbow can easily be replaced with a new implant. It may take 2 years to fully come to market.

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