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Andhra Pradesh Congress leaders detained.

Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president YS Sharmila on Wednesday alleged that Congress leaders across the state were detained by the police to prevent their participation in the proposed ‘Chalo Secretariat’ protest on Thursday and ‘ House arrest’. Sharmila said that to avoid her arrest in Hyderabad, she shifted to Andhra Ratna Bhavan, where she would stay overnight so that she could participate in the protest.

Police cordoned off Andhra Ratna Bhavan.

PCC president Sharmila reached Vijayawada on Wednesday evening. While he was to stay at KVP Ramachandra Rao’s residence in Ampaporam, Bapulapadu mandal. She was staying at the party’s state office, Andhra Ratna Bhavan, in view of the earlier arrests. She will stay at the party office at night and leave for the secretariat in the morning. A heavy police force was deployed at Andhra Ratna Bhavan and barricades were erected around the office to prevent Sharmila from coming out.

PCC president Sharmila wrote on social media

PCC President Sharmila then reacted to the detention of ‘X’. He wrote, “If you call a strike on behalf of the unemployed, will you be put under house arrest? Why are thousands being stopped on party lines? Don’t we have the right to protest in a democracy?” Is it? Isn’t it? It’s a shame that I am a woman and to avoid arrest I have to avoid the police and stay in the office of the Congress party. Are we terrorists? Or anti-social forces? They want to stop us. Trying…It seems as if they are scared! Wherever our workers are stopped or barricaded, the struggle for the unemployed will not stop.”

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