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BJP is fielding from all sides on Sandishakhli.

Sandishakhli has now become a major center of politics in West Bengal. BJP is not letting go of the issue of atrocities on women in Sandishakhli and Didi is also not giving any chance to BJP. BJP is constantly putting pressure on Mamata. First the SC-ST Commission visited, then the National Commission for Women and now the National Human Rights Commission, taking spontaneous notice of the incident of violence and rape of women, has sought a report from the Chief Secretary on violence against women. DGP in 4 weeks. As much as BJP is aggressive about Sandishakhli, why is Didi’s concern increasing so much? We will tell you the file of Sandishakhli which no one has told you till date.

The reason Sandishakhli is so hot politically is the mission of 42 seats by 2024. To understand this, if we look at the statistics of the last 15 years of West Bengal politics, the reason for this conflict can be understood.

Sandishakhli’s election record of 42 seats

Election year TMC BJP Congress cpm Other
2009 19 1 6 9 7
2014 34 2 4 2
2019 22 18 2 0

Mamata’s woes are increasing BJP’s strike rate.

These are the election results of 2009, 2014 and 2019. When West Bengal was covered with the red flag, Trinamool leaves covered it. The fight today is to ensure that nothing like this happens and that the flower of the BJP is not hidden by the leaves of the Trinamool. Because these 15 years have one thing in common, that is BJP’s excellent strike rate. In 2009, the BJP’s strike rate was just 2.38 percent, when it won one seat. In 2014, this strike rate doubled to 4.76%, increasing from one to two sets. But in 2019, BJP’s political share suddenly increased and the strike rate directly increased to 42.85, ie it increased by 9 times and got 18 seats. So this performance of BJP is adding to Didi’s worries.

Why is BJP aggressive on Sandishakhli?

There is a major political and strategic reason why BJP is aggressive on Sandishakhli and why Didi does not want to give any leeway to BJP on Sandishakhli. The reason for the strategy is that West Bengal has a strong past of people’s movement. Didi especially knows the power of mass movement. Mamata’s political stature might not have been as great had she not led the anti-land acquisition movements in Sangur and Nandigram. Wiped out the 34-year red empire of the Left in Bengal. This is the reason why Didi doesn’t want to let Sandishakhli become a Sangur for BJP. While the BJP wants to defeat Didi with the brahmastra of Sandishakhli’s Awami Tehrik. So the entire BJP is at the front on Sandishakhli and is very active.

This could be an alarm bell for Mamata.

Ahead of the 2024 polls, Team Modi wants to play on Sandishakhli’s sentiments at the next level so that Didi can make a big splash in Bengal in 2024. The pictures of how BJP is working step by step are being seen in Sandishakhli every day for the last few days. Bring orders from the court. Governor, SC-ST Commission, Women Commission are visiting. In Sandishakhli, Didi is being surrounded from all sides. The extent to which the BJP is going to take this issue can be gauged from Team Modi’s current and future plans for West Bengal. Mamata is also aware of this. That is why his team is also constantly fighting the BJP. But the problem for Didi is that if this movement succeeds in converting BJP votes, it is an alarm bell for Didi. This can be gauged from the indications of the BJP’s plans in West Bengal in the coming days.

The plan is hidden in BJP’s signal

  • The first hint was given by the BJP at the Bharat Mandapam in Delhi itself, when Defense Minister Rajnath Singh raised the issue of Sandishakhli at the national level in the presence of PM Modi and the BJP presented a political proposal in the National Council meeting. Where the Sandishakhli crisis was discussed in a civilized manner, calling it a stain on the society.
  • Second hint: BJP has revealed the possibility of Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to West Bengal from February 29.
  • The significance of BJP’s Chanakya’s visit to West Bengal can be understood from a third clue.

The BJP has scheduled Modi’s visit to Barasat in North 24 Parganas district on March 7, a few days after Shah’s visit. Modi will hold a mega rally in Barasat. Sandishakhli is just 75 km from Barasat. It is believed that the PM’s visit will be for a day, where more than two lakh women are expected to attend the rally. The affected women of Sandishakhli can also come to the rally.

Shahjahan Sheikh who is the main accused associated with TMC.

Now it can be understood that when PM comes to Sandishakhli area and makes the atrocities against women here an issue, how many votes will he get and how many didis will be harmed. That is why TMC is also openly standing on the front. Mamata’s party is saying that the BJP is only spoiling the atmosphere for the elections. While the people of BJP and Sandishakhli allege that the main accused Shahjehan Sheikh and his two associates Shibu Hazara and Uttam Sardar belong to TMC, whose terror is very great. There are innumerable links to Shah Jahan Sheikh’s atrocities.

Shah Jahan’s reign of cruelty continues.

When the story of Shahjahan Sheikh, Uttam Sardar and Shibu Hazara’s cruelty came out from Sandishakhli, somehow oppressed women got courage. Those women who used to hide in the houses in the name of terrorist Shahjahan Sheikh and his associates, are not hiding their faces. Shah Jahan is openly mentioning the Sheikh’s terror. The victimized women said that people from Shahjahan in Sandishakhli call them to give money for government schemes and abuse them. Shah Jahan’s two goons, Best Sardar and Shibu Hazara, used to torture him together. Shahjahan Sheikh’s script is like a villain from 1980s movies. It’s just like the names of the villains. Similarly, in this region, Shah Jahan is known as Sheikh, Uncrowned King, Gabbar and Bhai. The entire region of Sandishakhli is under his tyrannical rule and what people have told is even more terrifying.

Why is Shah Jahan called a villain?

Sandishakhli is only 75 km from Kolkata, but the BJP alleges that it has nothing to fear under TMC patronage. He does what he wants and when his vessel of sins is full, he runs away. There is a reason why Shah Jahan is called the villain of 80s films. Sandeshkhali-1 and Sandeshkhali-2 are two blocks in Bashirhat sub-division of North 24 Parganas district. Sandeshkhali-2 is on this side of the Kalindi river and Sandeshkhali-1 is on the other side of the river. Sandishakhli-1 block is a type of island. A river has to be crossed to reach here. To go by boat.

95% Hindus in Sandishakhli-II

Shahjahan Sheikh lives in Sandeshkhali-2 block, but across the river in Sandeshkhali-1 block, two of his goons – Uttam Sardar and Shiv Prasad Hazara alias Shibu Hazara look after Shahjahan’s business. Both of them commit atrocities on the people of Sandishakhli-1. Abuse of women, forcibly sending girls to Shah Jahan Sheikh. Most importantly, Sandishakhli-1, where he committed atrocities, is 95% Hindu-Tribal-Dalit and 5% Muslim. It is alleged that those who do not agree drag these women away in the dark of night.

The case of Sandishakhli reached Delhi.

However, when the videos of some of the women surfaced, BJP leaders started insisting that Sandishakhli quit. When the matter was raised in the assembly, several teams arrived from Delhi. The police arrested a total of 17 people, including Uttam Sardar and Shibu Hazara, while acting on some land grabbing complaints. But the women of Sandishakhli say that nothing will change until Shahjahan Sheikh is caught.

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