What Amitabh’s Granddaughter Navya Nanda Says About ‘Surnam’ Pressure And Its Benefits?

Idea of ​​India Summit 2024: Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan’s daughter Shweta Nanda’s daughter Navya Nanda Navali attended ABP Network’s annual summit ‘Idea of ​​India’. Navia continues to interact with people through her show What The Hell Podcast on YouTube. Navya is also the founder of Project Noveli. He credits his family and background for reaching this level at such a young age. He explained the significance of the surname behind one’s name.

Surname stress and privilege

Asked about belonging to such a large family, Navya said that the thing about surnames is that everyone has it next to their name. And I think everyone has to take it forward. And you have to show where you come from, that is, you have to carry your legacy forward.. Especially where I come from, it’s my responsibility to carry it forward and to carry myself and my people. Make the family proud.”

I will give credit to the background.

Navya also said that the opportunities she got at such a young age are not available to other girls her age. So, I would definitely like to credit that to where I come from. Navya said that as a young girl it is her responsibility to take care of this background. Navya also said that where I am today professionally and personally, I would like to credit my family and background.

About love Navya said that according to her love is not always romantic. According to me, love is what I am doing and how I am using my energy in my work.

Problems of today’s generation

Navya said that many things have changed since the advent of social media. Everyone is going to college, everyone is using social media. Everyone has a question in their mind about what they are doing and what they have to do next. Such questions haunt today’s youth.

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