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Samosa Price - India TV Paisa
Photo: X (Barmy Army) Price of samosa

Ranchi Currently, the series of Test matches between India and England is going on. Many tourists come from England to watch this cricket match. England has a cricket supporters’ club known as the Barmy Army. He is very active on Club X (formerly Twitter). Barmi Army posted a picture on Instagram with a tray of samosas on Friday. These samosas seemed very cheap to the Burmese army. The post was captioned – ‘2 samosas for Rs 50 ie 0.48 pounds’. There was also a heart emoji over the eyes. Even though the hearts of the Barmi army jumped after seeing these cheap samosas, the post was trolled by Indian users.

‘This is how we’re taking back $45 trillion’

A user said that he was being charged double tax. Many Indian users wrote on this post that these samosas are available for just Rs 10. “This is how we’re getting our $45 trillion back,” wrote one user, Gagan Kamboj. Also, a user wrote, ‘In Bihar, you can get samosas for 5 rupees.’ “You have been cheated,” wrote one user, Aditya.

‘You robbed us of 200 years’

Responding to the Barmy Army’s post, one user Pulb wrote, ‘You guys have robbed us for 200 years. So now is our time. Another user wrote, ‘This is a very small samosa. It will cost around Rs 5-10. Samosas are big. Also, another user wrote, ‘This scam always happens at the stadium. BCCI should release the rate list of food and drink in every match. One user even wrote that ‘You should give one of 4 thousand rupees as compensation.’ Another user wrote, ‘We get 10 for Rs 50.’

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