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Vanandu Hasringa and Afghanistan Cricket Team - India TV Hindi

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Wanandu Hasringa and the Afghanistan Cricket Team

Sri Lankan captain Venendu Hasringa: A three-match T20 series was played between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, which the Sri Lankan team won 2-1. In the last T20 match, the Sri Lankan team had to face defeat by 3 runs against Afghanistan. That’s why Sri Lanka could not clean sweep against Afghanistan. But after the third T20 match, ICC has taken action against Sri Lankan captain Venindu Hasringa and Afghanistan’s star player Rehmanullah Garbaz.

The Sri Lankan captain was banned.

The ICC has suspended Sri Lanka’s T20 captain Venendu Hasaranga for the next two matches. Hasringa has got 5 demerit points. If a player receives five demerit points within 24 months, he is suspended for 2 matches. Hasringa was found guilty of breaching Article 2.13 of the ICC Code of Conduct, which deals with personal misconduct by a player, umpire or match referee for supporting a player during an international match.

The umpire did not give a no ball.

Wanindu Hasringa criticized umpire Linden Hannibal for not calling a high full toss as a no-ball after the defeat in the third T20I against Afghanistan. Now his suspension for the next two matches means Hasringa will not be able to play the first two matches of the T20 series against Bangladesh.

Action was also taken against Rehmanullah Garbaz.

Afghanistan player Rehmanullah Garbaz has also been fined. He has been fined 15 per cent of his match fee and given a demerit point for breaching Level 1 of the ICC Code of Conduct in the third T20 match. Even after the refusal, Rahmanullah was changing the grip of the bat on the pitch. He did this again and again. For this reason he was fined. Both Hasranga and Garbaz have pleaded guilty.

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