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Image Source: Social Media
Shruti Pareja and Pratik Aryan.

People post videos on social media. Since the video is in the public domain, anyone can comment on it. There are some good comments and some very ugly comments in the comment section. Recently, a similar issue is being discussed a lot on social media these days. Where a boy expressed his opinion by sharing a video of a girl dancing on social media platform X. The boy had used the word ‘kotha’ in his opinion. The girl objected to his comment and asked the boy to remove his video from his post. It was then that there was an uproar over the issue. A war broke out on Twitter from both sides. According to the post, the boy’s name is Prateek and the girl objecting to the video is Shruti.

The man expressed his opinion by sharing the video of the girl.

Let us tell you that the matter started when Pratak shared a dance video of Shruti on Twitter and wrote a long caption. In the caption, Prateek wrote – Indian schools and colleges are known for conducting programs based on cultural, traditional and regional culture, but now it has become a ‘kotha’. These girls are dancing on item songs in the name of cultural programs. Along with the educational system of India, the cultural system is also under threat. This is the main reason for the decline of new generation and colleges in India.

Shruti's tweet

Image Source: Social Media

Shruti’s tweet

Shruti then objected to the post saying that the video belonged to her and that the video was posted without her permission. Saying this, Shruti asks Pratak to delete the video. Shruti said that she is not a college student but a professional dancer. Shruti said that she went to a college program as a judge and danced in the program on the request of the people present. Shruti adds that you have the right to say what is right and what is not, but you don’t have the right to defame me. While I have nothing to do with the college. In response, Prateek said that he will not remove the video. Because this video has no copyright. The video was available in public domain on social media, so they can give their reaction and feedback on the video.

@MumbaiPolice @tandonrakshit

After endless requests to @Prateek_Aaryan to remove my video from his post where he is comparing the stage I am dancing on, defaming me and damaging my reputation. He refused to do so and blackmailed me. . https://t.co/ttwcPmclXE

— Shruti Pareja (@shruteeeh) February 17, 2024

Mumbai Police took notice of the matter.

Image Source: Social Media

Mumbai Police took notice of the matter.

Shruti then tagged the Mumbai Police saying that she asked Prateek 10 times to remove the video but by posting my video on social media he is comparing the stage to the room. He is defaming me and ruining my reputation. Pratak is refusing to remove the video and is threatening me. Mumbai Police then replied to Shruti and asked her to send her details. Shruti then said that the video of Aryan’s post has been disabled due to a copyright claim, but the video has not been removed. This post may still be available in some places.

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