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Election Commission- India TV Hindi.

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Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar

The Election Commission (ECI) has asked states to ensure that officers who are transferred from a district before the elections are not posted in a district of the same parliamentary constituency as per its policy. By changing its policy of transferring officials before the elections, the Election Commission has tried to remove the loopholes that state governments were taking advantage of. It said the election authority had taken this step after paying ‘serious attention’ to cases in which state governments had exchanged officers in constituencies close to the same parliamentary constituency.

Why did the Election Commission take this step?

As per Election Commission policy, all officers who were either posted in their home district or have completed three years in the same place are transferred before Lok Sabha or Assembly elections to ensure That they do not work for any candidate. Don’t disrupt the level playing field in favor of the party. “The commission has strengthened its existing transfer policy to ensure that officials do not create obstacles in the level playing field in elections,” the commission said in a statement on Saturday.

The Election Commissioner said – the policy of not showing off should be followed.

The Commission said, “Redressing the lacunae in the existing instructions, the Commission has directed that all States, except States and Union Territories having two parliamentary constituencies, shall ensure that such officers The Election Commission, led by Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar, has asked the states to implement the policy and ensure that the appointment of those who have been transferred outside the district will be done in the same parliamentary constituency. It should not be mere pretense.

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