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Raipur- India TV Hindi.

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It became difficult for nurses to dance and train.

Raipur: Three nurses have been dismissed from their services for making a video inside the operation theater of a government hospital in Chhattisgarh’s capital Raipur and sharing it on social media. Officials gave this information on Monday.

What’s the whole deal?

Raipur-based Dao Kalyan Singh Postgraduate Institute and Research Center Deputy Superintendent Dr Hemant Sharma said that daily wage staff nurses Pushpa Sahu, Tripathi Dasar and Tej Kumari were dismissed on February 23 after receiving a complaint against them. had gone.

Sharma said that on the 5th of this month, the trio made a rail inside the operation theater of the burn and plastic surgery unit. When the assistant superintendent of nursing came to know about this, he reported the incident to the higher authorities.

He said, ‘Taking pictures and making reels inside the operation theater is against the rules. All three nurses had entered the operation theater wearing outdoor shoes and sandals and applied the stretcher, which is against the rules.

Sharma said that when the nurse in-charge of the ward objected to their actions, the trio allegedly misbehaved with her. He said that after investigating the complaint, the three nurses have been dismissed from their services.

In one of the two reels shared by the hospital administration, three nurses dressed in the green uniforms used in operation theaters are seen holding surgical instruments and dancing to the Bollywood song ‘Phirta Rahoon Mein Dar Badr’. In another reel, she is seen dancing to the song ‘Kyun Yeh Kolaveri Di’. (input language)

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