What is the difference between emotional eating and mental eating? Which of the two is better?

Food is an important part of our lives, but sometimes our eating habits are influenced by our emotions. “Emotional eating” and “mindful eating” are two terms that describe the way we eat, but there is a big difference between the two. In emotional eating, people eat because of their emotions, such as stress, sadness, or boredom. In this, food comes as consolation or emotional relief. Mindful eating, on the other hand, promotes awareness and understanding of eating. In this we eat while being fully conscious, which allows us to better understand our body’s hunger and satiety.

Let’s know what is better between mental eating and emotional eating.

  • Eat wisely: Eating mindfully means eating carefully. In this we think about what and why we are eating. By this we eat the right food in the right quantity.
  • Eating based on emotions: In emotional eating, people eat because of their emotions, such as when they are sad or stressed. This often leads to excessive and wrong food intake which leads to obesity.
  • Healthy habits: Mindful eating makes us aware of our eating habits and we start making healthier food choices.
  • A better choice: When we practice mindful eating, we make smarter decisions about what we eat, which improves our health.
  • Managing emotions: In emotional eating we must understand our emotions and manage them properly, so that we do not fall into bad eating habits.
  • It is better to eat carefully: Mindful eating is good because it gets us into the habit of eating right and healthy. With this, we are able to make good decisions about food and take care of our health. It helps us stay healthy.

Disclaimer: Before following the procedures, methods and tips described in this article, please consult a doctor or relevant specialist.

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