A childhood immersed in a whirlwind of electronic gadgets

It is true that various electronic gadgets, including mobiles, have become a source of quality change in life in many ways, but in the recent past, many news have come out regarding the use of social media among children which is not only funny but also disturbing. . It forces people to think about the state and direction of our society if it moves away from social values, family values, ideals and traditions. It is not known when children’s insistence on using mobile phones turned into obsession and when this obsession led to murder and suicide among them. Many social media and gaming applications are constantly taking advantage of this addiction, stubbornness, obsession and hypnotism of children.

The sting of being away from the real world in a rail mirage is beginning to affect children’s lives in every way. The habit of frequently checking statistics and staying updated on various media creates a strange anxiety in children which gradually affects their mental health and changes their entire personality. Children do not understand the difference between the virtual and the real world and then get caught in a vortex from which it is impossible to return.

Being addicted to something means depending on it for one’s mental and emotional needs and this is what is happening with electronic gadgets regarding children. This addiction is more dangerous than any other addiction and affects everyone from personal level to family and social level in the long run. How constant use of gadgets in childhood or adolescence weakens us physically and mentally can be explained by the fact that the blue light emitted from mobile or computer screens causes the release of the hormone melatonin, which our body produces. Controls the body clock. Melatonin makes us feel sleepy. But since its leakage is stopped, we stay up late. And when you don’t sleep well, you’re more likely to experience stress such as depression and anxiety.

A scale called the Social Media Addiction Scale has been created in the Eastern European country of Hungary. Through this we know who is addicted to social media. The scale found that people who are addicted to social media have low or low self-esteem. Most of them have also suffered from depression.

It is common to use gadgets like tablets or laptops before going to bed. The percentage of teenagers and children who do this is very high. Children are unconsciously exposed to the content they watch on these electronic gadgets while they sleep.

Many psychologists believe that such games create such intense curiosity in children that they begin to take it as a challenge and then go to some extent. Some time ago, an online game called Blue Whale spread panic all over the world, many cases of which were also seen in our country. The game, which can be played on mobile, laptop or desktop, requires participants to complete 50 different tasks in 50 days and after each task they have to mark their hand. The final task of this game is suicide.

Content on online platforms is designed to encourage children to make assumptions about other people’s lives or bodies that are not realistic. Scientists have found that excessive use of social media by children creates motivational patterns similar to other addictive behaviors. Today, many children have become victims of WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, YouTube, Instagram addiction disorder. Addiction is as dangerous as any other addiction, but its most terrifying aspect is that it robs innocent people of their innocence, separates them from their families and understanding, makes them physically and mentally ill. gives and puts all their futures in jeopardy.

Children often become victims of stress posting due to their ignorance. It means that for some reason, in anger, at a certain moment, kids post something on social media and later regret it. But in the meantime, they are exploited, threatened or blackmailed based on the information or images they share, and incidents ranging from cyberbullying to sexual harassment take place.

In fact, it is not known when and how children start using mobile phones. Of course, the responsibility of parents is very important to deal with these situations and they need to change their thinking and lifestyle, but it is the collective responsibility of the society to understand the seriousness of the problem and the efforts required at all levels. be done . Conduct regular social media education classes on various dimensions of social media usage, conduct training sessions in educational institutions and inculcate family values ​​and social responsibilities in our children from the very beginning, before Too late. .

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