Drunk Guruji was drinking alcohol in school, after the video went viral, he said drunkenly – What should I do, there is a lot of tension in my life – India TV Hindi

Guruji making pegs.- India TV Hindi.

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Guruji is making pegs.

These days a video is going viral on social media very fast. In which a person is seen drinking inside the school. This video is said to be from a government school in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh. The drunkard is none other than the master who teaches in the same school. After the video went viral, the education department has issued instructions to suspend the drunken teacher and file an FIR against him.

The teacher was making a peg in the school itself, the video went viral

The video is being told of Machha Government Primary School of Masturi Development Block. Santosh Kanut, who works as an assistant teacher at the school, is seen smoking a peg in front of a female teacher. Along with this, tasting equipment is also placed on their table. When the person who made the video asked how you can do this in school, the gentleman said – “Make a good video, it should show everything, whatever you want to complain about, do it, I drink at home.” Yes, I accidentally drank alcohol today.” “I came back drunk. It’s wrong to drink inside the school, but what can I do, I have stress in my life.” When the person who made the video asked the female teacher about it, she introduced herself as the headmaster and said that she does not get drunk every day but action will be taken against her.

Drunken teacher suspended

When the matter reached the District Education Officer TR Sahu, after investigation, the Block Education Officer was asked to file an FIR against the drunken teacher in the concerned police station and submit the information. Along with this, suspension action has also been taken against the teacher.

(Sikander Khan reports from Bilaspur)

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