‘Missing Ladies’ screenplay writer Sneha Desai described Ravi Kishan’s role as ‘memorable’.

Interview with Sneha Desai: Directed by Karan Rao and produced under the banner of Aamir Khan’s production house, ‘Lapata Ladies’ has been released in theaters today (March 1, 2024). The film is also receiving good audio response. Meanwhile, ‘Lapata Ladies’ screenplay writer Sneha Desai spoke to ABP News and discussed some specific aspects related to the film.

Ravi Kishan has a special role in ‘Missing Ladies’. Ravi Kishan is seen in the role of ‘Inspector Shyam Manohar’ in the film. Asked if she could have chosen any other actor for the role and how well Ravi Kishan has done justice to her character, Sneha said he is absolutely perfect.

‘You have performed very well…’
Says Sneha, ‘No, Raviji was our choice and we are lucky that he, who was our first choice, is working with us. He has done this cameo very well, his performance is so captivating that he has managed to take the script to a whole different level. Sneha adds, ‘It’s one thing that you write good lines, but when that line is even better than you imagined, it’s something else to enjoy watching. I would like to give credit to both Kiranji and Ravi Kishanji for these two things.

‘One of the most memorable roles in the film…’
Talking about Ravi Kishan and Karan Rao, the screenplay writer of ‘Missing Ladies’ says that Ravi Kishan ji has brought his talent, his art to the role and Karan ji has directed him so simply that Shyam Manohar, we hope that this role will continue. One of the most memorable characters in the film.

Similar was the experience with Aamir Khan and Karan Rao.
Sneha Desai further shared her work experience of working with Aamir Khan and Karan Rao. About working with the duo, Sneha says, ‘Most of my interactions with them happened when we were working on our script and doing the narration. Both are very good personalities and both are very friendly, very open hearted, so intelligent and sensitive and have so much experience in making cinema that every time you sit with them you learn something new.

According to Sneha, ‘He discusses with you what should happen, what shouldn’t happen and why should not happen in a scene so well that your thinking becomes very clear. Both of them are so forthright that despite being a budding writer, they never made me feel like I wasn’t in the industry or that I was young or that I lacked experience in any way.

Working with Aamir-Karan ‘the biggest learning curve’
About Aamir Khan and Karan Rao, Sneha further says, ‘They respected my opinion, whatever I wanted to do, accepted my writing so much. Whatever change took place was by such mutual consent that I felt nowhere equal. So I consider interacting with them to be the biggest learning curve of my life.

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