Prem Chopra told secrets of friendship with Rishi Kapoor, told what was his brow code?

Prem Chopra on Rishi Kapoor: ‘Prem Naam Hai Meera’… even today people have not forgotten this dialogue of Prem Chopra in the 1973 film Bobby. The Bollywood actor, who was recently seen in Ranbir Kapoor’s film ‘Animal’, has shared some things about his young life, hearing which even his fans can’t stop laughing. This revelation has been made about none other than Ranbir Kapoor’s father and late Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor and his friendship Bro Code. Let us tell you that Prem Chopra had a close friendship with Rishi Kapoor. What did these two actors do in their youth, Prem Chopra gave a shocking answer.

This topic was discussed.
In an ANI podcast, when Prem Chopra was asked about his friendship with Rishi Kapoor. What did they do when they were together? In response, Prem Chopra said, ‘Whenever we were together, we did what most boys do in their youth, and that was talking about girls. Pay attention to their comings and goings. All of them were good friends of ours and those who weren’t were good friends of our friends. So Rishi and I always found some topic related to girls. We used to joke about it together. Recalling those days, Prem Chopra said, ‘Now I don’t know where all those girls will be. Some of them would have become grandmothers and many would have become grandmothers.

Rishi Kapoor’s film got recognition
The 88-year-old actor has completed 60 years in the film industry. He has done many superhit films in his film career. Prem Chopra has also worked with Rishi Kapoor in several films. Out of which ‘Naagan’, ‘Naseeb’ and ‘Prem Granth’ were super hits on the big screen. Rishi Kapoor’s film Bobby also has a very important role in Prem Chopra’s film career. This film changed the life of Prem Chopra. A dialogue of Prem Chopra was also quite a hit in this film. The actor’s dialogue that people have not forgotten even today was ‘Prem Naam Hai Meera’.

I still remember Rishi Kapoor.
In his interview, Prem Chopra remembered Rishi Kapoor and said that ‘Rishi was a very good person. Very funny and heartfelt. We have spent a lot of time together. I knew him very well. The actor further said that Rishi was cured of cancer but later his difficulties increased. Due to which we got separated but I still remember the moments spent with Rishi.

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