Robotic knee replacement: Robots are performing joint replacement surgery with the help of software and AI.

Amazing achievement by Noida’s ‘Fortis Hospital’ The most important thing about robotic surgery is that there is no room for error. The robot performs surgery very well. So far hundreds of surgeries have been done through it. Joint replacement surgery is considered the most difficult surgery in the medical world. In which even a small mistake can cause huge damage. This type of surgery takes a lot of time.

According to the news published in Aaj Tak, this is the most advanced robot in North India. Which speeds up the recovery in less time along with the operation. It is operated by robots. It is quite good. It also has very low deductible. According to doctors, surgery has become much easier due to new AI and software.

The question arises, how does a robot perform surgery?

This robot has an arm through which the surgeon performs the operation. Sounds like a robotic operation theater OT. But the Mico joint replacement robot consists of three machines. Who first consoles and second takes the patient’s medical history and CT scan. Then feeds his picture. And after feeding he monitors her and clicks several pictures of her. This picture is taken after the knee replacement is done.

The third machine has technicians as well as surgeons who operate through the machine. After the advent of robots, the operation has become much easier. Everything is very important in knee surgery because a small mistake can turn out to be a big one. According to the data, the robot has performed 200 surgeries in 6 months. As before, some surgeries have also been done. But it’s a relief that robotic surgery is better.

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