Sneha Desai, author of ‘Missing Ladies’, talks about background artists.

Sneha Desai on Background Artists: The film ‘Missing Ladies’ directed by Kiran Rao has hit the screens today. Full of comedy, drama and suspense, this movie is getting immense love from the fans. Meanwhile, while talking to ABP News, the film’s screenplay writer Sneha Desai gave her opinion on giving credit to the people working behind the scenes. According to Sneha Desai, she finds it wrong for those working behind the scenes to complain why people don’t recognize them.

Sneha Desai said, ‘According to me, now filmmaking has become such a corporate structure that if you’ve worked in it and you’re bound by a contract, it’s got your money and your credit very clearly. It is mentioned. Most producers don’t interfere with your credit. I have had a very pleasant experience in this matter.

‘Complaining that we…’
Sneha adds, ‘As far as not being on screen is concerned, it is obvious that viewers connect mostly with the people they can see. Many people are not aware of all the processes and work that goes on behind the scenes, so complaining that these people don’t recognize us is a bit wrong. This seems wrong because that is the difference between on-screen and off-screen.

Sneha says, ‘We are recognized by our work, by our letters. People seen on screen are recognized by their characters and their acting. So I think the occupational hazard is high, if you are a very good writer, if you have written great scripts, if your films have done very well and done business, then tomorrow if not today your name and you The work will be heard. by the audience. It reaches.

Co-occurrence related to the set
‘Missing Ladies’ was shot in the second and third wave of Corona. Meanwhile, Sneha also shared an incident during the shooting. Says Sneha, “When ‘Lapata Ladies’ was about to start shooting, a day before we found out that our DOP, director of photography, had contracted Covid and we were all worried what will happen next?”

The shooting was possible because of Karan Rao.
Sneha says, ‘We started shooting very hard. Because the team will have to be quarantined. It is a very disconcerting feeling, but Kiran ji had conducted the workshops so well, rehearsed the scenes etc. so well in advance that we were able to continue shooting without the main DOP. He guided me and the work never stopped, so everyone was under a lot of pressure at that time. But when we all look back today, we must remember the difficulty in which we started shooting.

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