Stress is the main cause of skin damage, know what is psychodermatology?

Malvika Jain, founder of SEREKO, which is going to launch psychodermatology based products in the market. Because they believe that stress is the main cause of skin damage. Many studies have shown that stress affects the skin. Psychodermatology is the link between mind and skin. When you are stressed, it starts to affect the blood circulation of the skin and along with it, the problems of dry skin start to arise.

Stress can also trigger a heart attack.

Stress can lead to heart attack and the heart is the smallest organ in the body while the skin is the largest organ. If stress can affect your smallest organ to such an extent, won’t it affect your largest organ? When you are stressed, the body releases the hormone cortisol to deal with it. It affects the skin.

Wrinkles are caused by the breakdown of collagen.

It stimulates excess oil secretion, resulting in acne and pore clogging, then breaks down the skin barrier leading to skin concerns such as wrinkles, collagen breakdown and skin hypersensitivity. Therefore, stress is the main cause of skin related problems. Dermatologists often prescribe medication as well as meditation and cognitive therapy for patients with skin problems.

Skin care products should address underlying stress: Stress is a common problem. My cousin once had severe anxiety problems and also had many skin problems. Root Cause – Stress took long time to resolve. I saw how reducing anxiety helped her skin improve. I felt a huge gap in this area and partnered with a psychologist in the US to understand this concept. We were careful to present our products in a non-intimidating and user-friendly manner. We have developed these formulations to help reduce stress. We have a proprietary blend called NeuroCalm. Its patent is pending this year. It’s included in all of our products, and regular use has been shown to lower your blood cortisol levels and improve your mood. It is very good for the skin.

Skin care products are not magic pills: Medicines alone cannot solve a problem. There should also be a change in lifestyle. One needs not only good diet and exercise but also work-life balance. That alone makes a huge impact. I also strongly support nutraceuticals and supplements. They work much faster than any topical product, and given our environment and lifestyle, the nature and quality of food available and our working hours, there’s only so much you can control. That’s why it’s important to take supplements along with a good skin care regimen.

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