Video: A woman leaves her boyfriend and sits on someone else’s bike while talking on the phone, then .. – India TV Hindi

The woman left her boyfriend and was going with someone else - India TV Hindi

Image Source: Social Media
The woman had left her boyfriend and was going with someone else.

People have become so addicted to their phones that their attention does not go anywhere other than the phone. In such cases, sometimes the phone addiction becomes so heavy on people that they regret it later. Many times people get into accidents because of their phones. Along with this, many times they make mistakes which they themselves did not expect. Recently, one such video is going viral on social media in which a woman leaves her lover and starts riding someone else’s bike due to her phone addiction. This incident is being reported from Indonesia.

The woman left her lover and started dating someone else

In the viral video, it is clearly seen that a couple reaches a petrol pump to fill petrol in a motorcycle. There was a queue of vehicles at the pump. Seeing this, that person also starts standing in line. Meanwhile, the woman sitting behind the bike was fully focused on the phone. When the man’s number is called, his girlfriend gets down from the bike and stands in front, ringing the phone. After that, when the motorcycle standing in front of her in the queue started filling up the fuel, the woman thought that her boyfriend might have arrived. After that, without seeing anything, the woman went near the stranger’s bike and sat on the back.

The woman is ashamed of her actions.

The woman didn’t care at all that she was a stranger to the bike. Seeing this, the woman’s boyfriend was shocked and immediately went to his girlfriend and started patting her on the back. The woman is also surprised to see that she was sitting on a stranger’s bike during the call. The woman was embarrassed by her actions and got down from the stranger’s car. However, the woman was lucky that the stranger did not start his motorcycle and she remained there. A video of the incident was recorded by a person standing at a petrol pump and shared on social media.

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